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Backflow Prevention Program

In adherence to Article 12 of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Primary Drinking Water Regulations, the Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Program protects the public water system from cross-connection contamination by requiring customers to:

  • Install containment devices on water services feeding specific types of properties, such as commercial buildings and multi-residential units.
  • Test containment devices after initial installation and annually thereafter to make sure they are functioning properly.

Submit completed test reports to Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District  (CCVW&SD) via: (only backflow inquires please)
Mail to:Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District
Address:2325 S Wabash St. Denver, CO 80231
Backflow Prevention / Cross Connection Program GuideCherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District Sanitary Survey Identified Violations - Tier 2 Notice.pdf

Helpful Links:

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Colorado Department of Health & Environment (CDPHE):

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CDPHE Regulation 11.39