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Payments and Rates

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may have seen online information from a third-party bill-paying service called Doxo, that appears to be using our name and contact information to market its online bill payment service to potential customers.  Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District does not have a business relationship with Doxo, and we have not authorized them to use our name or information.  Furthermore, we do not require that our customers use Doxo’s services, or any other third party bill paying service.

2024 Rates

Tap SizeMin. UsageMonthly Min. Water Charge @ $5.75 / 1,000 Gallons*Monthly Service ChargeMonthly Sewer Charge @ 25.25 / SFRE***Total Monthly Min.
1" 10$57.50$17.16 
1 1/2"20$115.00$31.45 
Monthly Minimum Rates
*Water used above minimum usage will be charged at $5.75 /1,000 gallons
** Most single family homes
***Single Family Residential Equivalent (1 single family home or multi-family unit).
Monthly service fee charged on all accounts including Sewer Only Accounts. East Virginia Village Sewer Maintenance Fee $15.70 + monthly service fee.
2024 Tap Fee Costs

The District purchases water from Denver Water; therefore, water tap fees (system development fees) must be paid for the District and Denver Water. The District discharges wastewater to Metro Water Recovery; therefore, sewer tap fees (connection fees) must be paid for the District and Metro Water Recovery. Click on the 2024 Tap Fee Costs button above for 2024 rates. These rates are subject to change at any time.